Författare Ämne: 30.000 år gamla DNA-prov  (läst 3045 gånger)

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30.000 år gamla DNA-prov
« skrivet: januari 24, 2010, 14:01 »
30.000 år gammal Y-DNA

Svante Pääbo & Co har klarat isolera DNA av en ung man som dog i Kostenki, vid Don, för 30.000 år sen.

Mannen hade bl.a. U2 och U5.

"the very presence of this haplogroup in today's Europeans suggests some continuity between Palaeolithic hunters and the continent's present-day inhabitants, argue the authors of the latest study. U2, along with closely related haplogroups such as U5, are among those which could plausibly have arrived in Europe during the Palaeolithic."

Sen har det rullat på;

"A recent study found a very high percentage of U types in the skeletal remains of ancient hunter-gatherers from Central Europe compared with later farming immigrants and modern people from the region. Meanwhile, an analysis last year of mtDNA from 28,000-year-old remains unearthed at Paglicci Cave in Italy showed this individual belonged to haplogroup "H" - the most common type found in modern Europeans."

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

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SV: 30.000 år gamla DNA-prov
« Svar #1 skrivet: januari 26, 2010, 13:56 »
Individen själv är inte C-14 daterad (eller ja, man har gjort försök men det handlar om kontaminering) så man har daterat genom kulturlager.

Mannen hade inte U5, det du citerar åsyftar att U5 var vanlig bland jägarsamlarstenålderns européer.