Författare Ämne: England under romersk välde  (läst 1681 gånger)

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England under romersk välde
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Analyser av gravar ger en ny och bättre inblick i dom sociala konsekvenser av romernas invasion av England:


Archaeological investigations show a break in the continuity of Iron Age trends with Roman conquest, especially apparent in burial and mortuary patterns.  One important facet of understanding what affect ‘Romanization’ had on the Britons is looking at changes in health patterns, at both a national and regional levels, comparing the effects on different classes and age groups of society.  Two studies done by Redfern and DeWitte (2011a, 2011b) and Redfern, Millard and Hamlin (2012) assess the health in the Iron Age and Roman periods of Dorset, England in order to understand how changes connected with conquest affected health.

Previous studies by Redfern et al. (2010) on these pre- and post-conquest communities in Dorset showed that there was; increased consumption of marine resources; increased prevalence of dental disease; infectious and metabolic diseases; decreased evidence for trauma; decline in subadult growth; and average male stature did not increase. These more recent studies look closer into demography and mortality, as well as class and age differences in health.


Finally, in the most recent article, Redfern, Millard and Hamlin (2012) look at the patterns of health and diet in the sub-adult population. Prior to this, the studies had  focused on the adult population, aged over 20. Previous studies by Hamlin showed that there were changes in ‘life-course’ during Romanization.


The overall health changes in sub-adults is similar to adults, Romanization led to worsened health and increased risk of mortality.

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